Lesbea-Lexi Dona Alina Crystall 1080p


Step-siblings Alina Crystall and Lexi Dona are having a slumber party when things start to get feisty. A giggling pillow fight ensues, and the ladies escalate to booty slaps! When told to go bed, they pretend to be quiet, but Lexi quickly starts flicking Alina’s nipples. Lexi sucks Alina’s tits, then takes off the Asian cutie’s blue panties so she can eat her pink pussy. Lexi licks Alina slowly to start, then starts to turn up the passion. Alina eats Laxi’s ass and pussy from behind, then the lesbian lovers pleasure each other in the 69 position. Taking the pixie lights from their bedroom, Lexi drapes Alina in them for a magical moment… and orgasm!

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